You can increase your business’ visibility by using print marketing tools. No matter what products you select, there’s no doubt that they will help you reach new customers, promote your brand, and increase sales. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to choose a print campaign over a digital marketing strategy. Ultimately, these advertising methods work best when combined.

If you’re starting to consider using print marketing tools for your small business, you may want to know where to get started. A few products we recommend are listed below:


Flyers are one of the most classic and effective print marketing tools. Since they are typically only one page, flyers are also cost-efficient, simple to design and incredibly direct. These should include succinct, concise information and exciting visuals to attract the eye.

Business Cards

When introducing yourself to a client, customer or fellow colleague, handing them a business card is a great way to present yourself. It not only exhibits your professional side, but also shows you care about making a positive first impression.


When it comes to delivering additional information about your business, brochures are an excellent tool for getting the word out. Do you offer a wide range of services that require a little explanation? Brochures are absolutely perfect for that, and they’re highly engaging to boot. You can even incorporate a narrative to give your business extra personality.

Thank You Cards

Everyone appreciates a “thank you” every once in a while. Whether you’re thanking a customer for their support or letting a colleague know their efforts matter to you, cards are a personal way to connect.


For direct-mail campaigns, there’s nothing better than an eye-grabbing postcard. According to Fundera, direct mail marketing tools have a 5-9 times higher chance of receiving a response. This kind of product evokes the memory of receiving postcards from friends, and they’re much more memorable as a result.

Letters & Envelopes

If you want your business to have a consistent, polished brand presence, you should definitely consider having letters and envelopes printed professionally. When your customers and colleagues receive any formal correspondence from you, they should know it’s from your business immediately. Otherwise, it could end up in the garbage by mistake, and you don’t want that!


Whereas brochures are better suited to companies offering various services, catalogues are ideal for showcasing product lines. These give you the opportunity to highlight the items you have for sale in a way that is visual and attractive. Try including plenty of lively, artful photos and vivid colors to make a stronger impact.

Testimonial Booklets

Are you searching for print marketing tools that stand out from the crowd? Testimonial booklets may not be a widespread choice, but because of that, they’re guaranteed to spark interest. People like to know a business is reputable before making a purchase themselves. Therefore, these will make your company appear trustworthy.

Coupon Books

One of the best ways to bring people to your business is offering them a discount. If a customer is uncertain about trying something new, for example, they may be more willing if there isn’t as much of a financial risk. Customers appreciate markdowns across all industries, and you may gain long-time patrons as a result.


Signage is key for just about every business. When it comes to marketing, it can be used in a multitude of ways. Imagine you’re at a job fair or local convention. With so many other stalls, it can be tricky to get noticed. Signs can describe what your business offers and bring people forward that would walk right on by otherwise.

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