Color psychology is the science of choosing the right colors for your marketing materials to influence the way people think and feel. We all know that the colors we choose can have a significant impact on our moods, emotions, and behaviors. In fact, color may be the most powerful element of design. But what does that really mean? And can it really help you sell more? In this article, we’ll explore the science behind color psychology and discuss how you can harness that power in your own print marketing.

The Isolation Effect

According to a journal published by Marketing Theory, consumers make a firm decision within 90 seconds of their first product impression. Color alone impacts up to 90% of that decision. But how? One way is through the Isolation Effect. Essentially, this theory implies that unique hues stand out in a standard color field. The main takeaway here is juxtaposition. If you’re designing a Valentine’s Day flyer with black text on white card stock, for example, incorporating rosy red ornamentation will make the composition pop. The whole idea is to grab the viewer’s attention without over-doing it. Employing the right amount of contrast in your print marketing products creates balance and harmony.

Brand Identification

Sometimes, brands become so familiar to us that when we see colors associated with them, we think of a product immediately. Think about McDonald’s, for instance. When we see bright red and yellow combined, hamburgers and French fries can sometimes come to mind. This can even impact our mood and make us feel hungry. Your business might not be a global corporation like McDonald’s, but there is much to be learned here. Ultimately, when consumers get to know your brand, they make associations. If you design print marketing materials with unifying colors that accurately represent your business, customers will be sure to come back. Better yet, you’ll be on their mind.

Simple Color Combinations

Research by the University of Toronto revealed that most people prefer basic color combinations using only 2 to 3 colors. If you choose a confusing mess of colors for your print marketing materials, viewers won’t engage. Keeping it simple, on the other hand, is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Are you having a hard time coming up with colors that work well together? Revisiting the tried-and-true lessons you learned from your middle school art class wouldn’t hurt! Complementary colors are always a great choice. Since they’re opposites, they create friction and contrast in a design. They can be too vibrant for some situations, though, so it’s important to keep that in mind. For other tones, try monochromatic colors, related or “analogous” colors, or primary colors. The possibilities are endless; experiment to your heart’s content.

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