Business cards are still a highly effective way to introduce your brand to clients and colleagues. The purpose of a business card is to provide contact information, showcase your company visually, and demonstrate professionalism. In 2022, however, we expect to see new approaches to this traditional marketing tool. Are you interested in creating a business card of your own? Check out our unique business card ideas below to expand your potential and maximize brand awareness.

4 Unique Business Card Ideas for 2022

1.     High Tech Features

Business cards are print marketing tools, but they can also incorporate digital-friendly features. In today’s world, a combination between tangibility and modernity is essential. People still want the personal connection of a business card, but they also want to access what they need quickly. This is why QR codes are such a popular choice today. With these, clients can simply scan the code with their smartphone and reach a landing page. For instance, you could direct them to your social media page or an appointment scheduling form. This is a win-win feature that helps businesses connect in-person and online. Why not boost your web traffic while making key connections? 

2.     Eye-Catching Shapes

You’ve seen what traditional business cards look like. Usually, they’re rectangular, white and rather plain. In 2022, all bets are off! Your clients want to know that you’re an innovator. Showcase your creativity and move beyond the status quo. For instance, let’s say you’ve started a local floral company and you want to expand your business. You’ll be attending a local trade show soon, and you need new business card ideas. With unique shapes, you can be sure your print marketing tools will attract attention. A card that’s shaped like a bunch of flowers might be a great place to start. You could even choose a selection of different flower types so every client receives something unique.

3.     DIY Visuals

When we look back on past business card ideas, we’re usually faced with the same structure time and time again. In most cases, the only visual you’ll see is a brand logo. While it’s certainly important to include recognizable images that connect to your business, you can also include other hand-drawn visuals. You could, for example, illustrate what services you offer this way. If you own a landscaping company, you could draw images that represent mowing, trimming, and gardening. Don’t consider yourself an artistic person? No problem! More than likely, someone on your team would be happy to put their creative talents to work. This is an excellent way to show the world what makes your business stand out. You don’t have to stay stuck in the past and rely on old templates. Instead, use tried-and-true tools like business cards, but give them a new spin with DIY additions.

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