Every business needs a set of essential print marketing materials in their toolkit. Whether you choose to hang up flyers locally or include “thank you” cards in a shipping container, marketing resources help spread awareness. In addition, they turn viewers into visitors (and hopefully, customers!). In fact, consumers who interact with print ads are usually more inclined to visit an advertiser’s site. Tangible materials let businesses make meaningful connections in an incredibly simple way. However, it can be tricky to decide which print ads to focus on. What will help you stay relevant in our current climate? In 2022, the possibilities are endless! If you’re looking to create essential print marketing materials for your business, these ideas will get you started.

Essential Print Marketing Materials for 2022

Colorful Postcards

Postcards are extremely versatile, and that’s why companies still employ them for their marketing needs today. However, now they’re bolder, more decorative, and much more colorful. Business owners can send these out directly as brand introductions or use them for supplementary purposes. For instance, think about the last time you purchased something online. More than likely, you received a postcard thanking you, advertising another product or offering a future discount. Essential print marketing materials like postcards compel viewers to continue their relationship with your business.

Custom Stickers

People love receiving stickers from their favorite brands, especially if they incorporate a fun design. They can be applied to laptops, cars, skateboards, luggage, and all sorts of other surfaces. Additionally, a sticker is a multi-functional marketing tool. Adhesive ads are distributed like flyers, but instead of throwing them in the trash, customers attach them to other locations. From that point on, your business continues to enjoy promotional benefits.

Loyalty Cards

There’s nothing better than earning a discount! Customers always appreciate markdowns, and this makes loyalty cards one of the most essential print marketing materials. You may be wondering, however, how these work. Customers often carry these around in their wallets and use them to redeem points or free rewards after completing a certain number of transactions. Make sure the design is bright and colorful so customers don’t lose them!


In 2022, customers still enjoy flipping through catalogues and interacting on a visual level. We have strong emotional reactions to marketing materials when we’re able to use our senses. While displaying an online inventory is extremely useful, combining it with direct-mail catalogues boosts sales. This way, when customers aren’t online, they’ll still have a way to engage with your ad content. Share photos of your products, provide detailed information, and include testimonials to keep viewers interested.

Partner with My Print Co to Create Essential Print Marketing Materials

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