Your logo is one of the most important aspects of your brand. It will be seen by your customers and colleagues, and it will be remembered. Furthermore, your logo will be used to represent your company in the marketplace. Ideally, a well-designed logo should help you stand out from your competitors.

Whether you’re designing your logo for the first time or re-branding your business, it’s key to understand messaging. The power of a visual message cannot be overstated. To design a logo that makes an impact, it’s important to ask yourself these essential questions: What are you trying to communicate? How can you use color, typography, and images to illustrate your message?

If you want your logo to bolster your brand identity, it should express the following:

What Your Logo Says About Your Brand

“We Take Our Business Seriously”

A logo can include all kinds of wild colors and unique shapes, but it should still look professional. From a customer perspective, a logo should be eye-catching, memorable and stimulating. A business that that takes its reputation seriously will also want their logo to be tasteful. Ultimately, customers want to know a business is legitimate prior to making a purchase. If your logo suggests otherwise, they’ll spend their time and money elsewhere.

Remember, colleagues and other professionals will be seeing your logo, too. The message you convey to them might be slightly different than what you say to customers. However, the general idea should be the same. You want your logo to demonstrate competence and skill. To put it simply, you want them to know you mean business!

“Customers Can Trust Us”

Above all else, your logo needs to convey trust. Customers trust businesses with their personal data, information, and payment needs. If you own a financial institution or a business offering security solutions, you may want to emphasize this. On top of including your company’s name in your logo, you can also incorporate your brand values. A slogan or a short list of phrases may be the perfect addition in this scenario. Regardless of what you choose, your logo should provide customers with a sense of confidence.

“We Can Compete in the Modern World”

Unless you own a vintage clothing company, you want to keep up with the times. Staying up-to-date is a key way to compete in the marketplace. This can be accomplished in any number of ways. However, a bold, sans-serif font, a minimalistic design and a simple color palette can do wonders. Of course, this also depends on what products and services you offer. A business owner who sells party supplies, for instance, may not benefit from a contemporary look. In most cases, though, companies want to stay modern and fresh. If you love your logo design or it suits a specific purpose, try updating it frequently with small changes. This alone communicates your ability to adapt and shift with the times.

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