My Content Co is now Because You’re Busy Co, and the COO is taking on a partnership role.

Baltimore, MD June 27, 2022 – My Content Co first opened in 2016 as an email marketing company, then it gradually expanded over the years to offer a full range of content marketing services. Now the company offers administrative services for small businesses, as well. With a growing service package, My Content Co has changed its name to Because You’re Busy Co to adopt a title that covers each of its brands.

The company’s founder, Eric Chessler, announced today that he will be making his COO, Brooke Sparks, a partner amid the company’s expansion. “I am thrilled to have Brooke become a Partner at Because You’re Busy Co. She has been instrumental to our continued success, and with her guidance I’m confident we will continue to grow,” Eric said.

Because You’re Busy Co was originally an email marketing company meant to help small business owners meet their marketing needs at an affordable price. Over time, the company added social media, blogging and website services to their offerings, and that’s when the company name changed from Create My Newsletter to My Content Co, to better describe the services it offers to small businesses.

Brooke Sparks, Partner and COO, stated, “I’ve worked with this company from the time it was Create My Newsletter and now I’m excited to grow along with it in this new role as it becomes Because You’re Busy Co. I’m ready to see how much more we can do to support small businesses.”

The company’s services have now expanded from content marketing to also include print marketing, virtual administrative support and card processing software for clients. With a plan to continue expanding the company’s offerings to further support small businesses, the name Because You’re Busy has become more appropriate.

About Because You’re Busy Co

Because You’re Busy Co is a one-stop shop for small business owners looking for a way to manage content marketing, print marketing, and administrative tasks in one place. It offers affordable options for busy business owners seeking support so that they can get back to doing what they love – running their business.