The best email newsletters are the ones that your subscribers actually want to read. It’s not always easy, however, to craft compelling content that stands out in a sea of other emails. 99% of email users check their email every day, but the average person receives 100 emails daily. As a business, you go through a lot of trouble to create valuable email content. You don’t want your readers to see your brand name in their inbox and hit delete before they open your message.

To avoid this, you have to have a compelling subject line and message. In the same way a book’s title and cover capture our attention, your email needs to be appealing and encourage viewers to open it. It’s also important to use language that inspires recipients to take action. Let’s face it, if your newsletter isn’t effective, it’s probably heading straight for the trash, or worse, the spam folder!

When done right, email newsletters are a great way to communicate with customers and boost your sales. Here are some tips for creating newsletters that resonate with your customers and don’t get deleted.

5 Tips to Create Email Newsletters People Really Want to Read

1.     Hit the Ground Running

There is no time to waste in email marketing. When a user opens your email, that’s a win, but you want them to read the content. To make this happen, you can’t write the same way you would for long-form content. Don’t waste any time introducing your content; get right to the point. It’s crucial to hook readers immediately. Whether that means including an eye-grabbing image or starting mid-narrative, urgency is a must.

2.     Use Plenty of Visuals

A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s a timeworn saying, but it holds true. In contrast to digesting a sentence, users absorb images quickly. There’s a reason that most businesses incorporate visual content in their marketing campaigns. Images encourage immediate emotional reactions (try it yourself by looking at a picture of a sad-eyed puppy and feeling your heart break into pieces). To make an impact and engage readers, you need strong, enticing visuals in addition to solid content.

3.     Remember that Seasons and Holidays Are Your Friend

Leaves are starting to fall, and that means the holidays are almost here. We mark them down on our calendars and count down the days. They evoke positive feelings and treasured memories for us. But what does this mean for email newsletters? Seasonal emails pique our interest because they remind us of what we have to look forward to. You can advertise a Christmas sale or send a list of fall recipes and your readers will be eager to know more.

4.     Share Subscriber-Only Content

If visitors subscribe to your e-mail list, they want to hear more from you. That’s great news! Why not give them an exclusive, inside scoop that rewards their interest? Think of your email newsletter as a big “thank you” to customers for supporting your business. Feature behind-the-scenes views of your business or offer subscriber-only first looks at new products.

5.     Be Conversational

There’s no need to be overly formal in your email newsletters. Actually, it’s better to go in the opposite direction. Remember what we said about immediacy? The same thing applies here. Long-winded, formal text takes time to read and digest. What about conversational language that sounds like you’re having lunch with a friend? That’s what makes for email newsletters people actually want to read.

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