When you first start sending out newsletters, it can be a little disappointing to see a low number of subscribers. While some business owners strategize on ways to increase subscribers naturally, others fall into the temptation of purchasing an email list. How can you grow your email list without resorting to pre-made subscriber lists?

Why Is Buying a List a Bad Thing?

Before we dive into the best ways to grow your email list organically, it’s important to know why buying a premade list is such a bad idea:

  • Reputable email services do not allow businesses to send out emails to purchased email lists
  • You will violate the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which requires people to opt-in to emails
  • High-quality email lists are few and far between, and most of them are filled with email addresses that are not working or that have already been spammed by many other companies
  • Users on a purchased list do not know who you are, which dramatically increases the likelihood you’ll be reported as spam or have emails deleted before they’re opened
  • Your email deliverability will be impacted if enough people mark you as spam

1.     Add Sign-Up Buttons to Emails

It might sound counterintuitive, since people receiving your emails are probably already on your email address, but adding a sign-up button to your emails is one way to grow your email list. If the recipient forwards the email to someone else, the button is an easy way for them to sign up if they like what they see. Sign-up buttons are also helpful if you share newsletters on other platforms like Facebook.

2.     Provide Value or an Incentive

In all industries, customers are more likely to perform your desired action if there’s something to sweeten the deal. That’s why so many companies send out coupons and special offers throughout the year! Even if you don’t want to offer a discount, there are still ways you can provide extra value or an incentive. Test a few different incentives, like free shipping or a complimentary e-book.  

3.     Remove Friction from Sign-Up

Friction is often used in sales to refer to anything that makes it harder for someone to make a purchase. Friction can also be a factor in marketing. Do you think email lists that require 4 fields to be filled in receive more sign-ups than those that only have a single field? Think again! Remove as many steps as possible from the sign-up process while remaining GDPR-compliant.

4.     Showcase Your Newsletter on Other Platforms

When was the last time that you encouraged newsletter sign-ups on your Instagram? While many business owners do a great job at cross-promoting social media and blogs in their newsletters, they don’t do as well at the opposite. Make an effort to advertise your newsletter on social media, on your blog, and on your website. These small reminders will grow your email list steadily over time.

5.     Tailor Your Content

Having a segmented email newsletter list that allows for customization is a great way to grow your email list and retain new subscribers. This is especially critical if you market to a combination of consumers and businesses. Regular consumers are unlikely to be interested in wholesale discounts and B2B promotions, so segmenting your newsletter list will ensure they’re receiving only emails they care about. 

6.     Create Valuable Content

Finally, the best way to grow your email list and keep subscribers engaged is by offering compelling, valuable content. At Because You’re Busy Co., we make it easier than ever to deliver newsletters for businesses just like yours. Whether your audience is prospective buyers who you want to educate about your services or existing clients you want to sell more products to, we know how to craft copy that gets results.  

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