While email marketing might seem like a thing of the past, it remains one of the most powerful ways to make direct contact with your audience. At Because You’re Busy Co, we specialize in connecting companies with high-quality newsletters that engage, inform, and entertain. As part of this informative series of digital marketing blogs, the team at Because You’re Busy Co. will be tackling newsletter marketing questions you’ve always wondered about.

Is newsletter marketing still useful?

One of the most common newsletter marketing questions that business owners are too afraid to ask is whether or not sending out newsletters is even worth it. Because email has been around for so long, it can be tempting to explore new platforms that are newer, like Tiktok. While there’s nothing wrong with trying something new, email marketing is proven to still get great results. 86% of professionals give more priority to email connection, and almost 30% of marketers still rate email marketing as their most successful marketing channel, above SEO and social media!

Should I purchase an email database when I start sending out newsletters to get an audience?

Many companies are tempted to get an instant newsletter audience by purchasing an email list or database, but that’s the opposite of what you want to do. Aside from violating GDPR regulations, this also gives you an audience of uninterested people who know nothing about your business and who are highly likely to unsubscribe. High-quality subscribers are always more important than a high quantity of subscribers.

How can I grow my email list?

Another one of the most common newsletter marketing questions that we receive is how to build and grow an audience. There are many different strategies that you can use, including:

  • Adding a form on your homepage
  • Adding a sign-up link to your social media pages
  • Offering free content, like a guide or article, for signing up

The team at Because You’re Busy Co. can help you implement strategies to steadily grow your email list over time.

How often should I send email newsletters?

Every business is different, and some companies communicate once a week, while others send out two newsletters a month. We can monitor your engagement and help you determine the best pace for your audience.

How long should my email newsletters be?

Another one of the most common newsletter marketing questions that we receive is how long newsletters should be. In general, you don’t want them to be too long, as you risk people deleting it before getting to important information or the email not fully loading. We organize newsletters to be easy to read and digest, and they are usually 400-500 words maximum.

What should your ‘From’ line read?

When setting up your email service, you’ll need to choose what you want the ‘From’ field to read. Your audience is very unlikely to open emails from unfamiliar people, which is why you should choose the most recognizable name for your brand. For example, we don’t send our emails from ‘Eric Chessler’ or ‘BYBCo’. Instead, we send them from ‘Because You’re Busy Co’.

What is email deliverability?

One of the email terms that you’ll hear referred to is email deliverability. Email deliverability describes if emails will go into the spam folder or be delivered to the inbox. There are many different factors that determine deliverability, including content, authentication, reputation, and more.

What is the CAN-SPAM Act?

The CAN-SPAM Act governs all email communications in the US from businesses. As part of the law, emails must:

  • Include a physical address for the business
  • Have a clear way to unsubscribe from the emails that will unsubscribe them within ten days
  • A ‘From’, ‘To’, and ‘Reply-to’ field that show who your business is and who you are communicating with

These laws are very serious. For each email that a business sends without these requirements, you can be fined by the FTC up to $16,000.

Find Answers to the Common Newsletter Marketing Questions With Because You’re Busy Co.

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