Millions of Americans are on social media, and hundreds of thousands of businesses are there too. While viral posts in your feeds might make getting a ton of likes and engagement seem easy, those are the exception and not the rule. Instead of looking at the highs and lows, it’s more important to consider the middle. How can you improve your social media engagement rate steadily over time? 

1.      Know Your Audience

When you are catering your social media posts to one demographic and all of your followers are part of another, your social media engagement rate will never match what it could be. It’s critical to understand your target audience, your current audience, and what types of changes might need to occur to get there.

For example, if you are a B2B company looking to connect with business owners, LinkedIn is most likely a better platform for you than Instagram. If you are targeting Gen-Z consumers, solely marketing on Facebook is not the best idea. Working with Because You’re Busy Co is one way to ensure that your posts are always matching up with your target demographic.

2.      Lean Into Infographics, Photos, and Videos

Data consistently shows that graphics and videos perform the best across all social platforms, so increasing the amount of them that you post can also improve your social media engagement rate. Visual content can be created for virtually any industry or type of business. Photos and videos are also a fun way for you to get more involved in your social media content. Next time you’re cleaning a chimney or unclogging a pipe, take a picture or short video that could be used to create compelling social content.

3.      Post at the Right Time

Every business is targeting different customers and social media users, which means that every business has unique optimal post times. To improve your social media engagement rate, make sure that you are posting at a good time when your audience is likely to be on social media. Some industries and businesses have different optimal posting times than others, so with a little research, you can tailor your post times and do some A/B testing to see what works best for your own unique audience.

4.      Make Valuable Content

To improve your social media engagement rate, posting high-quality content consistently matters. What needs does your audience have? If you have a product or service that satisfies them, make sure that your social posts are educating them about how it can help them. Additionally, think about what types of things add value to your followers. If you sell t-shirts, don’t just post designs that you have in stock. Instead, also make posts on how to style a t-shirt or a look book made with t-shirts.  

What are different ways that you can post something other than just text or a picture?

  • Run contests or giveaways
  • Ask questions or start a poll
  • Encourage your audience to ask you questions
  • Reels or Tiktok-style videos
  • Custom stickers or filters available on Instagram stories
  • Highlighting customer feedback or reviews

Get Social Media Posting with Because You’re Busy Co

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