Most businesses use a variety of tools to market their businesses, including social media, newsletters, blogs, and websites. Inbound and outbound are two terms used to describe a variety of marketing types, and email is no different. Should you consider an inbound or outbound email marketing strategy?

What Is Inbound Email Marketing?

Inbound email marketing works to get new customers by attracting them based on content, products, experiences, and more. Inbound emails are typically sent to people who are already interested in your service or subscribed to your newsletter mailing list. Some of the most common examples of this email marketing strategy include discount codes to make a repeat purchase and newsletters.

In general, inbound marketing also helps to guide a customer through the purchasing process. Once they sign up for emails, you can use a sequence of emails to educate them on what problems your product solves, why they should make a purchase now, and what other products might meet their needs. Many businesses like using inbound marketing because it targets clients who have already expressed interest by making a purchase in the past, signing up for an email list, or engaging in another way.

What Is Outbound Email Marketing?

Outbound email marketing is a virtual version of cold calling. Instead of waiting for someone to come to you, you will visit them. However, an outbound email marketing strategy can come with many downsides. Many professionals react poorly to getting unsolicited emails, and they might mark you as spam so many times that your ability to send emails is restricted. However, some continue to use this email marketing strategy as a way to reach a very broad audience in a short period of time.

What Are the Key Differences?

  • Inbound marketing uses a small email list of people who opted in, while outbound emails use a broad and big email list
  • Outbound emails reach a big audience in a short period of time, while inbound emails reach a small audience that will grow over time
  • Inbound email marketing is typically less money, as the number of subscribers you are emailing through your email platform will be lower and the odds of making someone into a customer are higher

Which One Is Right for You?

An inbound email marketing strategy is a great fit for most businesses, and it’s how we create excellent newsletters at Because You’re Busy Co. If you aren’t sure what types of newsletters are right for your needs, contact us today.

Get a Better Email Marketing Strategy with Because You’re Busy Co.

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