While there’s nothing wrong with doing things digitally, it can leave plenty of room for misspellings and missed connections. Instead of fumbling with your phone or waiting for an app update to install, a business card could quickly provide someone with all of your essential information without the possibility of confusion. That’s just one reason why print marketing matters in the digital age.

Print Adds Credibility

The internet is now a trusted resource for all types of information, but research shows that consumers implicitly trust printed material more. Taking the time to design, print, and distribute something shows that you are willing to make an investment to distribute your message, which many prospective customers want to see. One of the reasons why print marketing matters is the implicit value of paper materials.

Print Feels More Personal

Beyond feeling more credible, printed marketing materials also tend to feel more personal. Even if you are sending letters to 500 people, that physical letter will come across as more genuine than a generic email sent to the same group of 500 people. Print marketing matters because it forges a personal connection with everyone who receives one of your flyers, invitations, or business cards. 

Print Grabs and Keeps Attention

One of the biggest challenges that every company has when marketing is getting and maintaining attention throughout their pitch. The good news is that print marketing has a readthrough rate about 30% higher than digital material. Even younger consumers, like millennials and members of gen Z have a greater interest in reading through printed materials, which is why print marketing matters for every type of target audience.

Print Marketing Matters and is Memorable

Communicating your idea is important, but communicating it in a way that makes a lasting impression on the reader is even more critical. Print marketing materials have a higher retention rate. Your audience will be more likely to remember what you gave them in the future. 

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