Businesses of every size worry about attracting new customers to grow their revenue. While this is a good thing, it can also shift attention away from one of the other most critical tools that you already have to grow your revenue—your current customers. Loyal customers are incredibly valuable, as they will stick with you through inflation, try new products and services, and support your business over the years. If you are dealing with poor customer retention, many things could be the culprit.

No Appreciation Can Lead to Poor Customer Retention

Customer appreciation is one way to show that you are grateful for your clients and their business. Many customers are also used to loyalty programs offered by large companies, so offering a token of appreciation is one way to counter poor customer retention. Some easy ways to show your appreciation include:

  • Sending a personalized thank you email
  • Offering a discount for renewal
  • Providing a complimentary upgrade
  • Offering free shipping or exclusive deals
  • Rewards programs

Not sure that little rewards make a difference? One study found that thank you emails receive a startling 42.51% open rate!

Not Listening to Feedback

There is a chance that you already know the reasons behind your poor customer retention rates, you just haven’t listened! When you ask for customer feedback, make sure that you listen to it and think critically about trends that indicate you might need to make an adjustment. A simple survey at the end of a transaction, like asking a client to rate your service between 0 and 10 for how likely they are to recommend it, gives you insight into how you’re doing and an open door to make additional contact with the client.

Not Being Proactive Contributes to Poor Customer Retention

A lot of customer service is reactive in nature. For example, a customer comes to you to place a complaint about an order that was not delivered on time. If the customer had not approached you, you would not have reacted with a solution. One way to counter poor customer retention is by looking at things proactively. When you are running late to an appointment or an order is delayed, let the customer know why and how the problem will be fixed. Proactive customer service shows that you care about providing a great experience, even for clients who would not reach out to complain and would simply not purchase again.

Not Offering a Well-Rounded Experience

Sometimes customers have a great experience throughout ordering your product, but the lack of additional support can leave them confused as to how to use it properly or get the most out of their investment. A well-rounded content experience can fill in the gaps and ensure that they have the tools necessary to educate themselves. Social media posts, blogs, and newsletters are all touchpoints with your clients that provide you with an opportunity to educate them and encourage them to make another purchase.

Nurture Customer Relationships with Great Content

Because You’re Busy Co knows how critical it is to keep customers happy, and we offer a variety of solutions to entice first-time buyers and satisfy loyal clients. If you’re ready to invest in a more robust content marketing program to fill in the gaps in your messaging and keep clients coming back, visit us online or call us today at (410) 324-3934.