Whether you are making your company’s first social media account or you’ve been on Facebook for over a decade, it’s easy to slip up and make social media mistakes if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. As a business, the way that you use Facebook will be different than how you would as an individual, and slip-ups reflect on both you and your company. Learn more about the most common issues you should avoid.

Posting Inconsistently is One of the Biggest Social Media Mistakes

Consistency is key in all parts of your business, and social media is no different. One of the most common social media mistakes that companies make when they handle their own social media accounts is posting inconsistently. It can be challenging to manage posting on multiple platforms as a business owner, but an unreliable posting schedule leads to poor metrics on your accounts and might cause many of your followers to forget that they are following you in the first place.

Using Inauthentic Tones

Particularly when you are a new business, it’s hard to know exactly what your brand voice is. As a result, some companies use inauthentic language or content that does not have a strategy behind it. This is one of the more prevalent social media mistakes, and it can make customers feel like they aren’t quite sure what your business is about. Having a defined, clear point of view is a great way to win new customers and new fans of your brand.

Posting One-Platform-Fits-All Content

Every social media platform is different, and every social media platform also has a different user demographic. As a result, the content that you made for Facebook might not perform as well on LinkedIn. When business owners are pressed for time, they sometimes make one post that is duplicated on four other platforms. While that isn’t a bad idea occasionally, it can lead to poor results in the long term. It’s best to create content tailored to each platform instead.

Skipping Credit

Another one of the most common social media mistakes is not giving credit when you are reposting content that you were tagged in, that influencers made with your products, or that someone else created. Just like you wouldn’t steal a blog post that someone else wrote without providing credit, you should never take someone else’s social media post and re-post it without the clarification and credit given to someone else.

Not Getting Started

The biggest of all social media mistakes that businesses make is not getting started. Prospective and current customers expect every business to have active profiles that they can contact for help with orders or follow to keep in touch. When you don’t have any social media presence, you will never know what you are missing. 

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