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My Content Co is your one-stop-shop for high quality digital content with services starting at only $49/month. Our team of content specialists will help put your business on the map and outshine your competitors. We maximize your target reach, boost your credibility & consistently connect you with your loyal audience.

Who We Are

We’re a rapidly growing company of passionate content creators.

Eric Chessler

I’ve driven & cycled across the United States.

Brooke Cobb

I know how to properly pronounce “GIF.”

Katie Meixner-Croft

I am ranked in the top ten internationally for Spice Girls trivia.

Victoria Brown
Graphic Designer

I was once an extra in a Jay Z video.

Max Hostetler
Social Media Coordinator

I was once attacked by a bunch of stray dogs in Greece, but lived to tell the story!

Hailey Ploski-Sarno
Project Manager

I am a competitive power lifter.

Shalom Shore
Content Consultant

I once cut my way out of a locked bathroom door using a tiny pocket knife.

Rebecca Toro
Social Media Coordinator

Don’t let the fact that I’m petite fool you; I can out eat you.

Henry Mackay

I know most of the letters in the alphabet.

Can You Pronounce GIF?

We’re looking for creative people to join our team.