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At My Content Co, we know that the beneficial services we provide are the product of our many talents, enthusiastic teamwork and collective rapport.

Our company culture is centered around helping the creatives and project managers that work here thrive so that your business can thrive too.

who we are

We’re a rapidly growing company of passionate content creators.

Eric Chessler


I’ve driven & cycled across the United States.

Brooke Sparks


I know how to properly pronounce “GIF.”

Hailey Ploski-Sarno

Sr. Project Manager

I am a competitive power lifter.

Katie Meixner-Croft

Sr. Copywriter

I am ranked in the top ten internationally for Spice Girls trivia.

Brian Williams


Not associated with NBC.

Keith Phebus

Web Designer

I dove the Shallows & the Devil’s Throat in Cozumel.

Morgan Doak

Social Media Coordinator

I was a rower for 10 years and competed professionally.

Jenna Hoffman

Project Manager

I was almost born in a helicopter.

Taylor DeBlase


I’m a massive book nerd and I’d like to write one of my own one day!

Jordan Yencha


I once sat next to Mac Miller at a Steeler’s game.


Bark-eting Director

I’m the only one with a bed at the office.

can you pronounce GIF?

We’re looking for creative people to join our team.