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Making Your Customers into Your Biggest Online Fans

While many things might factor into whether or not a customer remains dedicated to your brand or decides to try other companies, the relationship that you have cultivated is one of the biggest deciders. Face-to-face meetings and in-person events are great ways to...

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How Often Should You Update Your Blog?

Blogging and content marketing are two things that many small businesses know they should be doing, but few fail to consistently complete without a little help. At My Content Co, we specialize in helping small businesses put their best blogging foot forward with...

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5 Old-School Branding Techniques That Still Work

While the days of Mad Men are long gone, numerous old-school branding techniques are still just as effective now as they were when the Don Drapers of the 1960's were marketing. 5 Old-School Branding Techniques That Are Still Effective  Business Cards Business...

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Writing Web Content that Converts

With every piece of web content that you have on your social media, blog or website, you should be thinking about what your end goal is. Do you want the reader to sign up for your newsletter? Generate traffic to your website? Positively influence their perception of a...

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Turning Your Employees into Brand Influencers

Influencer marketing is more popular than ever, and it isn’t just for fashion and beauty brands. Many of the companies having the greatest success with influencer marketing aren’t just relying on Insta-famous faces to get the word out. Instead, they’re looking around...

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Web Design that Drives Sales

Your website isn’t just your online phone book listing. Instead, it’s also an opportunity for valuable connection with customers that encourages them to take the next step—contacting you for more information or making a purchase. Visitors to websites decide whether or...

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