Boosting Facebook Posts

Facebook’s News Feed Changes: What Your Business Needs to Know

Some business owners are calling it Facebook Armageddon. Others are calling it a much-needed overhaul of how Facebook presents content to users throughout the world. What are we calling it? Time to adjust how your business is communicating with your customers. What Is Facebook Changing? Facebook will be changing their […]

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5 Simple Tips for Small Businesses to Boost Social Shares

Social shares are the bread and butter of boosting engagement, reaching new potential customers and meeting your business goals. If you are a small business, breaking into the world of social media can be intimidating. However, finding success with social shares is simpler than you think. Get Their Attention Quickly […]

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How to Develop a Small Business Marketing Budget

Boosting your small business revenue and brand recognition is critical to your success, but it’s impossible to do those things without effective small business marketing. Whether you’re a small mom-and-pop shop looking to move your advertising online or a start-up unsure of the best way to attract customers, your marketing […]

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How Our Brains Process Visual Content (And Why it Matters for Social Media)

It’s no secret that visual content on social media can drastically improve user engagement. A stunning photo is going to stop you in the tracks of your speedy scrolling far sooner than an extended rant in plain text would (unless you live for that kind of thing on Facebook). In […]

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