5 Simple Tips for Small Businesses to Boost Social Shares

Social shares are the bread and butter of boosting engagement, reaching new potential customers and meeting your business goals. If you are a small business, breaking into the world of social media can be intimidating. However, finding success with social shares is simpler than you think. Get Their Attention Quickly […]

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Visual Content: How to Shake Up Your Visual Marketing Using Images

If your small business is marketing online, you should be using images as part of your visual marketing plans. Whether you are interested in sharing videos, infographics or traditional images, one thing is always true— visual content on social media gets big results. Switching to Facebook The amount of time […]

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How to Make Use of Live Video for Your Business

Live video streaming is one of the hottest trends for small businesses and major brands. It is an incredibly powerful tool for connecting with your audience, boosting engagement and finding new customers. However one major question arises: how do you get started harnessing the power of live video for your […]

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How Our Brains Process Visual Content (And Why it Matters for Social Media)

It’s no secret that visual content on social media can drastically improve user engagement. A stunning photo is going to stop you in the tracks of your speedy scrolling far sooner than an extended rant in plain text would (unless you live for that kind of thing on Facebook). In […]

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