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Marketing to Millennials 101

Generation Y, now the largest generation on Earth, is unlike any other in human history.  The introduction of the internet and social media platforms has made this tech-savvy group more connected, informed, and skeptical than ever before, meaning that companies...

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4 Email Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making

Do your email and newsletter subscribers become your customers? Are your messages getting engagement or just lingering in inboxes waiting to be opened? Emailing marketing is one of the best ways to get the most for your money, as it offers an ROI of approximately $32...

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Making Your Customers into Your Biggest Online Fans

While many things might factor into whether or not a customer remains dedicated to your brand or decides to try other companies, the relationship that you have cultivated is one of the biggest deciders. Face-to-face meetings and in-person events are great ways to...

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How Often Should You Update Your Blog?

Blogging and content marketing are two things that many small businesses know they should be doing, but few fail to consistently complete without a little help. At My Content Co, we specialize in helping small businesses put their best blogging foot forward with...

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